Last week in Flutter: Issue 8

Last week in Flutter: Issue 8


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Weekly coverage of interesting articles, videos, libraries in Flutter. Every Sunday.

Since we skipped last week, this week's issue will include updates spanning the last two weeks.

What to read

Accessible expression with Material Icons and Flutter

The latest update to of Material Icons brings support for all four different icon styles.

New ad formats for Flutter

There's a new beta program for inline banners and native add support, not previously available in the Google ads plugin.

Flutter Deep Linking Using Branch I/O

An in-depth tutorial on how to use Branch I/O to do deep linking.

Flutter Riverpod State Management Explained

A nice primer for Riverpod that implements some common scenarios with the library.

Flutter State 5 Ways

An article by yours truly that explores state management in a few popular and obscure Flutter libraries. Heavily influenced by React State 5 Ways.

What to watch

Adopt-A-Widget (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 41)

The latest "Boring Flutter Development Show" is a call-to-action for any would-be maintainers looking to contribute to Flutter.

Widget of the Week: InteractiveViewer

Learn about the InteractiveViewer in the latest "Widget of the Week" video.

Get_It package - Dependency Injection with Service Locator Pattern in Flutter & Dart

An awesome primer on the get_it package and how to implement the Service Locator pattern.

Leo Farias - FVM - Building a cross-platform dev tool with Dart & Flutter

Learn how to manage multiple Flutter versions for local development using fvm. This library is heavily inspired by nvm from Node.js and rvm from Ruby.

Amazing Flutter Notes Taking App With Image Storing Feature Using Provider, Sqflite and ImagePicker

Follow along as a Note Taking app is built using some of the most common Flutter libraries (provider, sqflite, etc.) to a fun, whimsical soundtrack.

What to follow


This library is a simple implementation of the pub-sub pattern that includes Widget support.


A new customizable logger that includes dio support.