Last Week in Flutter: Issue 7

Last Week in Flutter: Issue 7


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Weekly coverage of interesting articles, videos, libraries in Flutter. Every Sunday.

What to read

Build a Flutter Application on AWS

An in-depth tutorial on how to build Flutter apps with the new AWS Amplify libraries.

Dart Beginners Course - Tutorial #08: Null Safety

Andrea Bizzotto continues his beginner's video series with an episode on null safety!

Deep Dive Into The Pubspec.yaml File

An awesome article that explores every aspect of the pubspec.yaml file - the backbone of Flutter applications and Dart packages.

Flutter App: Synchronize local Sembast DB with a Cloud DB

An advanced article that explains how to sync your offline database with PebbleDB.

What to watch

Flutter Folder Structure and Packages

This episode that’s also about Flutter app project structures.

Flutter & Firebase Starter Architecture: Adding an Onboarding Screen [Part 2]

Andrea Bizzotto continues his video series on Flutter & Firebase architecture video series with an episode on Onboarding!

What to follow


A tool for managing Dart projects with multiple packages.


A dart package aiming to provide useful extensions and helper functions to ease and speed up development.


A lightweight, yet powerful way to bind your application state with your business logic. Heavily inspired by Riverpod and Recoil.


A model-driven approach to handling Forms, inspired by an Angular library of the same name. Not new, but recently had a major update.


Another Flutter library that combines state management and dependency injection. Recently had a major update.


A new alternative to flutter_dotenv for handling environment variables that packages environment variables in code rather than using a .env file.


Another library influenced by the JavaScript community, rx_redux is a Redux implementation based on Dart Streams. It owes its inspiration to redux-observable.


FlutterFlow allows you to build applications with Firebase with a drag and drop UI builder, no code necessary! Applications can be deployed directly to the stores as well.